Our Core Values

Loving People

We honor those before us, embrace those with us, and empower those who follow.

A Life of Prayer
We’re dedicated to a lifestyle of continuous prayer in which we listen to, speak with, and follow God in everything.

Spritual Growth
We want the fruit of the Spirit to be displayed in our lives as we mature in Christ and grow in the knowledge of His Word.

A Culture of Excellence
We honor God and others by giving our best in all we do.

Sharing Christ
We generously invest our resources in sharing Christ with all people.

Sefless Generosity
We make ourselves and our resources available to the needs of others because of our love for God.

Spirit-Empowered Worship
We worship with intense passion, allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work in and through us. 

Servant Leadership
We are committed to serving one another with pure motives to help people discover and become who God has destined them to be. 

Life of Ministry
We believe that God has called and will equip each of us for the work He has prepared in advance for us to do. 

We strive to be in harmony with one another so that the fullness of Christ may be seen in everything we do.